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Rated M: For Mature, GTAV PULP FICTION STORIES BEST OFF R* Editor Movies + W.T.Faust the 18+ GTA Movie

Hello, I am Daniel F Staal, The F Stands for Fok, Not Francis,
But if you call me Francis, I will Kill you and Hunt You Down, In that Order!
and I worked the Last 2 Years on this Epic Super Low Budget but Mega Movie.




A very Low Budget Grindhouse Presentation,
A Rated M for Mature Movie, It Contains some Nudity, Hardcore Violence, Some Gore, and Trippy Psychedelic Visuals,
Please share this free movie, It is Really Good, Although You need a sense of Humor, Its at times Absurd, Deep and Shallow...

W.T.Faust the gta series
It's a Long Run, 3 Hours, It's Made for the big Screen and Stars Rockstar Greg Majka as Walter Trueman Faust,
and the Voices from Samuel L. Jackson, Jeff Bridges, Ice Cube, Alex Jones, George Takei, Steven Fry,
Joe Pesci and the Entire Cast from Grand Theft Auto Five,

Like Ned Luke, Steven Ogg, Shawn Fonteno, Danny Tamberelli and More.

Agent Zanax in W.T.Faust 18+ GTA Movie

Musical Genius Artist, Guitarist Wizard Has 9 SoundTracks Delivered in my movie
These are all Instrumental Rock.

(Click The Profile Artwork to Visit His Youtube Channel)

And More Scores Like Greg Majka's Psychedelic Rock, Ross Bugden, Alex Greggs, Rammstein,
Curtis Mayfield, Ice-T and Douglas Pattrick with Limp Bizkit's Break Stuff & The Doors to the End.


3 David's, David Lynch, David Fincher and David Cronenberg

The Story is from the Cinematic Concepts of 3 David's, Cronenberg, Fincher, and David Lynch,
With also an Ode and Tribute to Coen Brothers and Quentin Tarantino. These are my Hero's

What is it About, It's about a man who gets Controlled and Puppeteered by a Mystery Man on the Television,
Reality Bends on the senses of the Protagonist and doesn't know if He's Dreaming,
Tripping or Hallucinating while carrying out Criminal Tasks for the Puppet Master.


This is the Complete Extended First Season of W.T.Faust,
Pulp Fiction Stories Made in the Grand Theft Auto Rockstar Video Editor,
You the viewer will be a Witness of a Weird and Wonderful Action Packed Twisted Dark Satire and Trippy Journey
With Groovy Special F.X. and an Excellent Soundtrack,
So Please, Sit Down, See it on the largest Screen Resolution Possible.

Spoilers, Watch this after the Movie!

Doors of perception

Hello Dear Viewer, I Like to tell you something about this movie, the building up goes in waves
, the atmosphere is Loaded, No Cock Block, This is Dirty Low loathing Dark Comedy and how the hell does this End well...

Greg Majka is Walter Trueman Faust
(Click Greg Majka's Picture to Hear His Collection of Work)

Greg Majka is Walter Trueman Faust in W.T.Faust The 18+ GTA Motion Picture

Damn Fine Voice Actor and Good Friend, He's also a Psychedelic Rock Singer.

All the songs with lyrics on Electric Guitar is his.
Yo Gregorski I Love you, He Did the Voice for Faust, this entire Movie for Free, A True Artist
I Hope someday he gets Paid to to these kind of work... If I gonna Profit of this Hobby Movie... He will get a share


Jeff Bridges in W.T.Faust the 18+ GTA Movie

Jeff Bridges Plays out a part, a little Scitzofrenic This segment is a True Jewel,
this to something I believe in, This weights with a balance what comes directly comes after,
Theories with a Hum Okay, but what if, that! how should I perceive reality as it should,
Noble, or what if this all is an Illusion, what then.
Samuel L. Jackson Voice stars in this Movie

It has a lot of quotes from his movies, really a lot of them.

Samuel L. Jackson is Starring in GTA PULP FICTION STORIES
I combined them to tell you a complete pulp poetic story told for adults,
A Very Big Wink to Quentin Tarantino, as you the viewer is aware,
there are scenes played out like its told in his movies, This within an atmosphere and dream Like...

David Lynch, much Love for this Movie Maker, I recorded a lot of sounds from his movies, completely altered it.
There's Quite some Ode's I Adapted to make you feel it plays out his Cinematic Universe.

David Cronenberg, The Videodrome of eXistenZ

And David Cronenberg, As Hommage to Underground Horror,
What I believe VideoDrome as my 1st Favorite alltimer Classic,
This Stands Tall and this is a Tribute to that Foked Up Video,
This not with Body Horror, No with Wut Da Fok is this kinda Shit in a double meaning,
It took the step up in that genre, Gave Tribute, Oh Man! Long live the New Flesh...



I Daniel F*cking Staal! Play at least 8 Characters,
Voices all pitched sound up or down, altered, have many faces, Like Odo the Shapeshifter,
Why the Mirror, The Mirror states for his is one-sidedness,
The man is pure evil, also from the dimension where he comes from is to be perceived as symmetric Mirrored
(in the final to be made, it will play out a scene or 2 in this mirrored dimension) some of these effects were really good,
although some are too much cheese, If I had a better Budget, I would have a better Fx,
they sure arent Shit though, they aren't dull, I think they are charming effective.


For the Acting part I give myself B-Acted - okay, just to B-okay, cuz directing yourself is far out difficult,
esp. if you must keep your head as still as can be,
My part is is that of D:One, I had to act, and not move my face, some scenes i did 40 times it's was pain,
I Hope to give a cringe of cheese at times and just be entertaining,
although you possible will hate this Puppeteer,
Yeah I'm a bit ugly, I'm nothing like him, just the Mirror Half of it,
Like any other average people who want to control the game of life.

If I insult somebody as Director, Creator, and Actor, It is not personal, The Mock is for the stereotype,
every brutal scene, should be seen with a grain of salt, and retro cheese,
I don't Condone or found anything in this Movie Acceptable Behaviour,
But as Trevor says at his Farewell Line, This movie is not real, And makes with that a point, and from that Time,
Reality Bends Creating a Movie in a Movie! One who does that Great, John Carpenter.

Agent Zanax in W.T.Faust 18+ GTA Movie
I tribute him in this Movie with Agent Zanax and Alex Jones, George Takei, Joe Pesci and Bruce Cambell.

the idea of the plot of In the Mouth of Madness,
where Sam Neil sees him self on the screen in a Theater,
I Thought that was Genius, I took that with Croneberg's Videodrome,
The Idea that we are in a Matrix, A Transdimensional Puppeteer,
Big Brother, William Blake's Doors of perception,
these mixed with Psychedelic Violence, a Groovy Soundtrack gives this Flair,
Not to mention at times excelent Moving Camera Angles, It ain't a perfect movie,
no doubt a lot of peeps, will give a dislike, but it's 100% Pure Creative.

Michael GTAV

If this was a real-time movie it would cost millions, My Budget was only Free time, (1000's of Hours)
a few programs, a Hobby Project, with costing although, 500 dollars on Shark cards

Subjects are about, The Vibration and Perceiving Reality, who controls really who, The Truth is... Nevermind, Just Watch and Know...


W.T.Faust The GTA Trailer


Over The Top, Modern, Witty, Deep Dark and Twisted, Cruel and Brutal, B-Acted, Flair for Cheese,
Trippy and Artistic, and at some point it has a Heart with content, A Rock Opera, a Social commentary,
A Satire and Many Tributes for any TV-Movie Addict, All those I wish you a Good Time viewing..
. With these ingredients I made this complex movie, I Think It's a Piece of Art in Motion

For the Tarantino's of us, There's 3 Car Trunk Scene's, all Different in eXecution and Pulp Dialog! Juice Milked Out

This Movie is Also Called What The Fuck the Movie, Walter Trueman Faust

Sensitive for curse words, Don't watch, It's Record Holding with Wut da foks Sliced and Diced with Extra Cream and Crispy Nutz.

If I can't entertain you within in 30 Minutes,
Than, You Need at least to spread your Legs Wide and Fart while you Laugh to Absorb the Absurd!

This is Grand Theft Auto Pulp Fiction Stories, Extreme Royalle with Cheese, and not for Little P.....Peep

Grand Theft Auto Pulp Fiction Stories

3 hour Presentation, Long ain't it, Like this Introduction there's a lot what I can Say About,
Take some time to view it, Originally is a 6 chapter based binge-watching series,
with each + minus 25 minutes each episode (not including the bonus material)
to absorb 3 hours of this epic low bottom deep un-censored ship,
is a challenge, Take a break if you sink, It ain't a crime,
but just Like if you fall asleep and call me Francis, I will hunt you down and Kill You!?

To Compare this Movie, Besides its Tribute's Maybe it has Edge of Freddie got Fingered,
with a lingo juice of Southpark Uncut,
All stuff written Royalle with Cheese
to juice Milk from your Mommies Titties...

Excuse my French.


W.T.Faust 18+ GTA Movie

To Be or Not to Be... A Story Teller, Life is to know the Low and High's...
Unfiltered Deep and Shallow as a cognitive dissonance orgasm, But this is not Porn. But a Vision for the Mind

The Nightclub its Name is Gefangnis, It's a symbol to the Prison of Walter Trueman Faust Controlled Mind.

Close the Curtains, Put the headset Full Volume, Smoke a Jay, and get comfortable with the uncomfortable of this Sharp...
Satire Comedy, Horror, Fantasy, Action this is an epic Low BUDGET Movie, made with devotion for the ABSURD.


A lot of info to digest, It's a Puzzle, A Design, a Paradox, Who can Explain it,
Well I Do, But Is this the End, No Spread the Word,
Copy/Share and Like and let people know it Video Dreamed Simulation Existenz.

This is the End... The Webpage Word made Flesh...